Club Rules


Below are the club's rules. Members and guests must abide by them at all times without exception. Failure to abide by the club's rules may result in termination of club membership or may result in you being banned for participating in any club events or leagues. The club's officers or event safety officers may, at their discretion, create and enforce additional safety rules as-needed. Our goal above all others is to keep everyone safe.

General Club Rules

  • Treat all guns as if they are loaded.
  • Never point the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you are ready to shoot.
  • Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.
  • Firearms should be unloaded with action open when not shooting
  • No speeding on Bluegoose Road. The speed limit is 35 MPH.
  • No littering including on Bluegoose Road.
  • Keep to designated areas. No walking through woods.

Rifle Range Rules

  • Opens at 9am daily.
  • Closed 30 Minutes before dusk, which is about today.
  • Closed during trap league on Tuesday & Thursday nights during trap season. See calendar.
  • No guests on the rifle range. Current members only. Be prepared to show your card if asked.
  • No rapid fire on the Rifle / Pistol Range. Shots must be at least 1 second apart.
  • If you go downrange, you must take a cone with flag and set it about 10 yards downrange. Place behind firing line when range is open.
  • Firearms should be unloaded with action open when not shooting or when someone is down range.
  • No handling of firearms when someone is downrange.
  • Muzzle must always be pointed downrange. 170 degree rule.
  • Clean up cases, targets and other refuse when done.
  • Only shoot at paper targets on the boards.
  • No shotgun ammo with multiple projectiles like bird shot, buck shot, etc. Slugs only.
  • Use ear and eye protection
  • No alcohol allowed on range.
  • Keep targets away from edges of boards to prevent damage to target stands.
  • Rifle range closed during gun-deer season and for rifle sight-in. See calendar.
  • No drawing from holsters.
  • No tracer rounds or incendiary ammo.
  • No tannerite.
  • No fully automatic weapons.
  • No shouldering a pistol. IE: Sig brace or similar may be used for arm brace as intended, but not for shoulder.
  • Suppressors & SBRs are permitted provided you have paperwork with tax stamp on demand.

IDPA / Practical Pistol Range Rules

  • Open only for scheduled events under the direction of a Safety Officer. See calendar.
  • This range is a "Cold Range" meaning magazine removed, empty chamber & hammer down on all firearms.
  • Firearm must be in a bag or in a holster unless under the direction of a safety officer at the firing line or at the safe table.
  • No ammo at the safe table. Ammo can be handled anywhere else.
  • Muzzle must be downrange when shooting. 180 rule.
  • More specific rules per event which will be discussed as-needed before start of event with all participants.