Working Member FAQ


Starting the 2018 - 2019 membership cycle, Saukville Rifle & Pistol Club is starting a working member program. The assistance we receive from working members will help make the club a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Hopefully this will also encourage members to become more active in club events and more open to providing suggestions for the future growth and improvement of the club. Working members have the opportunity to save $50 annually and continue paying $75 per year. General Non-Working Members will begin paying $125 annually starting the 2018-2019 cycle.

  1. Question: Where can I sign up for opportunities?
    Answer: Visit to view a current list of opportunities and sign up.

  2. Question: What is required to sign up?
    Answer: An email address, and most importantly your member number. Please make sure you are capable of performing duties you are signing up for. Some may tasks may be physically demanding or require special skills. If you have any specific questions, please contact the organizer or

  3. Question: Where can I find my member number?
    Answer: You can either Click Here to find it get it emailed to you if you have an email address on file, you can find it on your membership card, or you can email

  4. Question: How many hours do I have to work?
    Answer: Almost all of our events are 4-hours long. To satisfy the requirements of a working member, you will need to work at two 4-hour long events.

  5. Question: What if I don't satisfy the requirement for a working membership after the year is complete?
    Answer: When you receive next year's renewal letter, we'll let you know if the requirements have been satisfied or not. You'll have until 7/31 to complete your hours, however we won't issue your next year's membership card until all dues are paid in full and hours are worked or working hours are paid for ($25 per 4-hour event not worked).

  6. Question: Are Associate or Life members required to work?
    Answer: No, there is no requirement for either of these membership types.

  7. Question: I have a special skill that could benefit the club. Can I help the club ways beyond what is shown on the website?
    Answer: We are certainly open to hearing your suggestion(s) on how you can help the club. If you have a special skill like plumbing, electrical, carpentry, HVAC, etc. and you can provide the club a service (as-needed) in lieu of working hours, please email us to let us know. The Club's Board of Directors will be the authority on any circumstances like this.

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