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Saukville Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc. is a private social and target shooting club.  Our purpose is to provide safe controlled shooting facilities and organize competitive shooting events for social and recreational enjoyment for our membership.

New Membership Referral Program
I'm really excited announce our new membership referral program. Our current members are some of our best advocates and now we are able to offer current members a $10 credit for future year's membership dues for each referral that joins as a "Thank You" for helping us grow the club and community we've built. You can view more information on our membership information page.

Melichar Broad Acres 8th Annual Pig Roast Shoot
September 7th @ 10am - 5pm

Over $2,000 Added Money!!!

Thank you to all of our sponsors:
J&H Heating, Port Yamaha, Joe Roden,
Thureon Defense, Rob Brooks & Friends.

Fifty 16 Yard Targets
Added Money to High Lady and High Junior Purse
Added money to each Lewis Class
Added money to Rose Purse

5 Lewis Places (possibly more based on added $) - $10
High Gun (Paid One Money) - $5
Rose Purse (Paid 3-2-1 Points) - $5
High Lady/Junior Purse (Paid 3-2-1 Points) - $5/each

Hunter's Safety September 3rd - 26th
Tuesday & Thursday 7pm - 9pm

Contact Al @ 262.377.1564

Josh Crosby Combat Pistol Class
Sunday, 9/29 @ 8am

This is an action packed session designed to learn and develop basic handgun fighting skills. Level 1 includes one-handed operation, moving and shooting, reloading and drawing from multiple positions.  

Shooters should have a firm grasp of basic firearm principles and experience drawing from a holster. You will be moving from standing positions directly into kneeling or prone positions, so expect to get sweaty and dirty.

Email: to sign up

Cost is $80 and must be paid up front

Youth Rifle Shoot 9/8, 9am - 12pm

All youth under 18 welcome to attend.

Saukville Rifle & Pistol Club will provide .22 rifles, ammo, hearing protection, eye protection and lunch to all attendees.

This event is open to all levels of experience and will be supervised by experienced Safety Officers & Instructors.

One lucky participant will win a .22LR Rifle!!!

There is no cost for this event.

Saturday, September 21 2019
  • Hunter's Safety Field Day

    Saturday, September 21 2019  8:00 am - 12:00 pm

    Rifle Range Closed


Tuesday, September 24 2019
  • Hunter's Safety

    Tuesday, September 24 2019  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Wednesday, September 25 2019
  • Skeet Practice

    Wednesday, September 25 2019  9:00 am - 11:00 am

    Must Arrive by 10:30am to begin shooting.


  • Fall League and Open Practice

    Wednesday, September 25 2019  7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

    5-Stand, Trap 16 Yard, Hunt & Cover and Trap Doubles


Thursday, September 26 2019
  • Hunter's Safety

    Thursday, September 26 2019  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Saturday, September 28 2019
  • Private Pistol Class in IDPA Bays

    Saturday, September 28 2019  9:00 am - 6:00 pm


2018 Disabled Veteran Rifle Shoot

Club Activities

A brief description of activities offered at our club.


We offer competitive leagues for members and open practice for trap shooting. We have five trap fields. During the spring and summer months, we are open Sunday afternoons, Monday Evenings & Wednesday Evenings for practice.  See our calendar for most current schedule.


We offer competitive leagues for members and open practice for skeet shooting. We have two skeet fields. During the spring and summer months, we are open Sunday afternoons & Monday Evenings for practice.  See our calendar for most current schedule.


5-Stand competitive leagues and practice hours are available during multiple shooting seasons.  We have a 8 traps that throw a wide variety of targets.  Shooting takes place from a trailer that will protect you from the elements and is especially nice during the winter months.  Check our calendar for the current schedule.

Rifle Range

We have a rifle and pistol range with the ability to shoot at distances of 7, 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards.  The range is available to members only from 9am to sunset 7 days per week. The range is available to members in good standing only.  Please make sure to follow all rules while using the rifle range.

IDPA & Practical Pistol

We are now a nationally sanctioned IDPA club.  Matches are typically held on the first Saturday of each month from April – October.  Please check the club calendar for the most current schedule.

Bullseye Pistol

We run indoor bullseye pistol practice and leagues from October to March on Tuesday Mornings, Tuesday Evenings and Thursday Evenings.  Eight bays have targets at 50 feet and Two bays have targets at 21 feet.  All shooting is slow-fire.  Targets are provided.  Registration for bullseye leagues begins in December.


Saukville Rifle and Pistol Club’s archery range is open to members in good standing with their card present and preferrably visible, their spouse and their children under 18 years old. Please make sure to see the rules page for all rules that need to be followed while using the archery range and other club facilities.

A Girl & A Gun

We are really excited to host a chapter of A Girl & A Gun. A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League is a ladies-only organization established by women shooters for women pistol, rifle, and shotgun shooters! The league is designed to take beginners to whatever skill level they wish to achieve and provide experienced shooters with more opportunities. The objective of some is to improve their skill levels for self-defense and competitive shooting. Others also are interested in learning how to choose the right guns, gear, and accessories for long-term participation in the community.

Click here for more information.  

Membership Pricing

  • additional $50 for non-working members
  • $150 Initiation Fee for new members
  • Discounts available for Military, First Responder & over 65
  • Many benefits are available for members.

Executive Board

Elected Officers

Jeff Trice


Joe Bronson


Robby Schwanz


Bob Boehm


Bob Trice

Executive Officer

Board of Directors

Jeff Trice

Club Manager

Dan Branski

Membership Officer

Joe Bronson

Trap Officer

Roger Cross

Skeet Officer

Jon Driebel

Rifle Officer

Robby Schwanz

Pistol Officer

Darrell Brown

Activities Chairman

Justin Larson

Archery Officer

Sam Baldwin

5-Stand Officer

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Saukville Rifle & Pistol Club
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